Efficiency & Value

Noiseless Acoustics provides intelligent products and solutions that utilise sound as a source for analysing leakages, discharges or other anomalies.

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Intelligent maintenance

Our sophisticated sensors keep their data synchronized with the cloud. You can access your maintenance data any time, anywhere. Generate useful reports at your will. You’ll be surprised what we can tell you using nothing but acoustic signals.

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Did you know that all pressurised gas leaks, no matter how small, emit a sound? Even if it is completely inaudible to the human ear. Based on this sound, our products tell you in an instant exactly where the leak is. Even from a distance. Even in noisy environments. This makes locating and fixing these problems so much easier, quicker and cheaper.

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Not only do our products tell you exactly where corona and partial discharges are located – we can tell you what they mean. Partial discharges can be harmless, but they can also be a sign of something that should be fixed as soon as possible.

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One of the most common misconceptions in the industry is that problems in sound insulation are difficult and expensive to fix. More often than not, problems are surprisingly easy and cheap to fix once you know where to look. With our solutions, you know exactly where to target corrective measures.

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Jonas Nyberg | CTO

p. +358 10 583 3241Jonas has extensive experience in electronics. He’s an expert in signal processing, systems design and PCB design. Jonas has a master’s degree in electrical engineering.

Kai Saksela | CEO

p. +358 10 583 3240Kai has extensive experience in acoustic measurements and has played a central role in many demanding acoustic consultancy projects. He is a certified acoustic consultant and has a master’s degree in acoustics and structural engineering.

Robert Albrecht | R&D

p. +358 10 583 3242Robert, with a PhD in acoustics, is our specialist with a deep understanding in spatial sound, electronics and signal processing. He plays a central role in developing our cutting-edge algorithms.

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